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A History of Louis Marx
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Month Date Year Event            
8 11 1896

Louis Marx is born in Brooklyn, NY to Jacob and Clara Lou Marx

1911 Marx graduated Ft. Hamilton High School
1912 Office boy for Ferdinand Strauss mechanical toy manufacturer
1916 Managed Strauss' New Jersey plant; was fired for urging volume manufacturing/sales
1917 Entered U.S. Army as private; promoted to Sargeant
1918 Returned to civilian life; salesman to Vermont Wood Products Co.; gained experience in wood toys
1919 Louis Marx and Co., Inc. established with brother David; as middlemen they worked on sales commission
1920 Fire in Girard plant; new building called Girard Model Works
1920 -1930 Marx marketed toys from other factories; Strauss, C.G. Wood, Girard, Carter
1921 Rented factory space from Carter toys in Erie, PA (formerly associated with Strauss); began to make toys
1921 Able to purchase Strauss with old dies for Alabama minstrel dancer, Zippo climbing monkey
1922 Had already sold over 8 million of each toy and had become a millionaire
1928 Produced Yo-Yo with all-time record sales over 100 million; distrib. through Sears
1930 Expanded empire in earnest; larger factories acquired in West Va., Wales, Great Britain, etc.
1932 Contracted CE Carter Toys to manufacture his toys; managed by Monty Feist
1935 Marx acquired Girard plant, Girard Manufacturing Co. to avoid confusion with other Erie plants
1935 Dominated most dime store counters; started as train manufacturer (Girard)
1936 Additional buildings purchased: Eriez Stove Co., known as buildings A,B,C on W.12th St.
1940's Wife Renee Freda died leaving Louis with 4 children
1940's Remarried to Idella Ruth Blackadder
1941 World War II turned from toy production to defense work
1941 Marx knew General Marshall, Eisenhower, Smith, Bradley and O'Donnell
1942 Marx purchased CE Carter Toys at 19th and Cascade in Erie, Pa
1948 First plastic toys; not durable; switched to poly-ethylene for strength
1950 Entire organization directed from New York offices
1967 Workers strike in Erie plant
1971 Marx sales slipped to 67 million
3 10 1972 End of Louis Marx era; purchased by Quaker Oats Co., Stamford Conn.
1972 Last of Marx Metal Toy Trains; OSHA entered point of safety concerns
1973 Only plastic toys offered due to Federal Safety Standards
9 5 1975 Quaker Oats anounced closure of all toy manufacturing. In Erie and Girard, PA.
1975 #428 Crossing gate was last train item made in Girard
4 1976 Quaker Oats sold Marx to Dunbee-Combex in London England
                    1978           Auctions start in U.S.A. of MARX factorys & wharehouses famous morgues aka (prototype storage rooms).
                    1981           Dunbee Combex files bankruptcy
                    1982           Chemical Bank oc Conn. takes receivership of Marx assets
                    1986----American Plastics Inc. under ownership of Jay Horowitz begins production
                     of some of the former MARX toys including a tin truck and plastic items.
                    2000 --------At about this time AMPLAS INC. (American Plastics) changes names and leadership many times
                     with limited success. Lawsuits plague the companys and the Security Exchange Commission becomes
                     involved. To find the latest happenings, Google-----  THE MARX FILINGS ----
More information may be found by going to-------  YAHOO FINANCE ----- and type in


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