This is the 40th anniversary of the MARX BIG WHEEL and we will bring you
an in-depth story, with pictures, of the toy that was the largest volume production toy the MARX Company ever made!!!!! From two children playing on the street in Ohio to, the first BIG WHEEL sold. Did you know the BIG WHEEL came in FOUR SIZES???

Gary Nisperly wrote us with the following story and pictures:
A friend of mine went to Disney World last month and stayed at one of
 the hotels on the grounds of Disney World. Here are some photos of what
 is probably the worlds largest Big Wheel. It is at the Pop Century
Resort where he stayed. The hand brake is even on it. The only thing
missing is the Marx name. Some of you might have heard of or seen this
Big Wheel before but I did not realize that it existed.

We all have heard the phrase --- BIG TOYS FOR BIG BOYS !!!  but this is one big toy !! It looks like a Dodge Hemi engine and look how he steers !! We wonder what the insurance agent said when thay saw this ??

Who's got a bigger smile??



The happiest robot in town!
HELLO ---- here are some statistics about BIG LOO // He was manufactured for the holiday season in December 1963 --- shipping weight in the original box was 10 lbs. ---dimensions of the actual toy = 12 inches wide x 9 inches deep x 37 inches tall.

The complete toy has the following accessories from top to bottom --- toy box with wonderful graphics ---lengthy intruction sheets to cover: site scope with site cross-hairs, two flashing (red bulb) eyes (uses 2 "D" cell batteries) with on off switch, hand crank voice box with ten messages, two rubber tipped darts that are fired from triggers in the back, left arm holds four red balls (1 3/32 inch diameter) that are fired from a spring in the left elbow, right arm has a metal ring in the shoulder and will rotate 360 degrees , to operate the arm you hold the ring and bend LOO over, by pulling the ring, his hand opens up and you can pick-up items up to an 1 1/4 inch thick, his mid-section has a round hole for squirting water that is loaded into a plastic squeeze bottle about one inch round and 1 1/2 inches long plus a nozzle, a trough on his left base is a rocket launcher that shoots a rocket (rubber tipped and 6 inches long) a great distance, a trough on the right base is for holding four red balls , on the base in the middle is a compass with fine accuracy, there are four plastic wheels in the base outer corners so LOO may move across the floor manually, his head rotates 360 degrees.

He is made of a very brittle plastic and this is one reason he is hard to find. We talked to an engineer that was on this project, and he felt the production was about 5000 total but he was not sure. On a 1-10 scarce scale with 10 being the most rare, LOO is about an ---EIGHT!!! The toy, complete, is very expensive. Replacement parts (SOME) are available BUT LOO is glued together and it takes a class A toy fixer to install them.


This is a picture of the MARX CHOPPEROO : We call it a Big Wheel hybrid.It
has a chain drive and was faster than the B.W. and it was much heavier so it
handled better, according to Chris who sent us the photo.
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